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Stunning watch!

Stunning watch! Great band! Clean, elegant design. If it were around 44mm, I'd be in love.

Being a female with petite wrists (6") it's always hard to find the right watch that feels comfor...

Being a female with petite wrists (6") it's always hard to find the right watch that feels comfortable to wear. I have been looking for awhile online; and came across La Musa Eterna Boutique's website, with their Meccaniche Veneziane's line of watches. As a lover of the sea and war history, the Nereide Series caught my eye immediately. After reading the specs, I decided to order the Nereide Smeraldo as I have been trying to find the perfect green watch for quite some time. I just received my order on Friday.\n\nI usually stay away from the larger diameter watches, given my small, bony wrists; however, after wearing my new 42 mm watch and getting compliments on it, I felt compelled to write a review about this very distinctive yet sophisticated watch as pictures don't truly showcase this beautifully Italian handcrafted watch.\n\nEven from the wooden box packaging that the watch came in and the informational user pamphlet that accompanied it, one can see the very details that goes into each piece. What I like about my order is that it came with 2 types of straps - a suede leather strap, and a silicone strap; having the choice to switch between the 2 straps is a nice added bonus, as most watches don't offer that. The thick brown suede leather strap is my favorite; it's very soft and given the thickness of it, it's very flexible too. Best of all, it fits my wrist perfectly right out of the box; so no need to get it resized or having to purchase different straps, like I usually have to do with all of my other watch purchases.\n\nOne of my concerns about purchasing a 42 mm watch was the weight of it when wearing it; and to my surprise, it's hardly even noticeable the moment I put it on and I've been wearing it nonstop since Friday evening. One would think that this would be a very heavy watch given the materials used but don't be fooled by the lightness of this watch, the quality of the materials used and the attention to details of this watch proves to be a very solid...

I wasn't sure about the watch as pictures can be deceiving.

I wasn't sure about the watch as pictures can be deceiving. Once it arrived, it surely impressed me with the look and feel. Not heavy, not too light. Materials feel and wear nicely and it definitely is not a cheap watch. Love the color combination and I look forward to get the Rubino and the Cobalto soon as now I can see how gorgeous they must be seen in person.\n\nI was given lots of shipping options and it arrived quickly (One of the last available to be shipped right away), packaging was done well to protect the wood box and it's a nice complement to the watch, which comes with a second strap made of silicone but I haven't tried yet since I prefer the suede leather.\n\nI was hoping the 45mm Arsenale was in stock as I just love the look but it won't be available for a long while. I decided to go with the pre-order and I look forward to see such a beauty.\n\nUntil then, I look forward to the Cobalto and Rubino versions as I pre-ordered those as well.\n\nCheers.

I received the watch just in time for the extra long weekend.

I received the watch just in time for the extra long weekend. After a couple of days of wearing it, I simply love this watch. It feels great on my wrist (and I have a small wrist for a guy) and it looks even better with the dark tone. It's not too heavy (which is good as I personally do not like heavy watches) and sits perfectly and comfortably. The suede leather strap looks and feels great and has that aged look that match perfectly with the look of the watch. The watch face and the indexes are clear. I found everything that is in the description, including the rubber band and the manual. I tried the rubber band and it feels great, even for a leather guy like me. I think it's perfect for those who have a very active lifestyle. Shipping was fast (I did choose overnight as I always do with my purchases) but the surprise was to receive it so fast since it stated it would have not shipped before 10 days.\n\nOverall I am very satisfied with my purchase and I love how good this watch looks and wears.\n\nThank you so much!